The Need to Knows


Create A Personal Brrrn Account
Your personal Brrrn account is your ticket to booking classes and IR sauna sessions. It also allows us to send you awesome studio updates via email — which we know you’ll never delete!

What To Wear: “The Fridge”
All of our classes are conducted inside a 50°F exercise studio. In order to take class, you must wear sneakers. For clothing, we suggest dressing in light layers — as if it were a crisp fall morning (but honestly you won’t need them for long!). If you are taking our SLIDE class, you will be provided booties free of charge at check-in to be placed. For our HIT or CIRCUIT class, all you need to bring is the heat!

What To Wear: The Infrared Sauna
Our communal infrared sauna seats up to 8 people and can get as hot as 158°F. We suggest that you wear a bathing suit or activewear tops and bottoms to enjoy the full benefits of infrared light exposure. Our infrared sauna not only features music and a chromotherapy light show, but permits warm conversation. So if you’re looking for a quite place to meditate, we suggest you book a spot during off-peak hours. Lastly, sneakers and oils are strictly prohibited inside the sauna.

Buy, Book. Repeat.
First time? Awesome. Enjoy a free class when you purchase your first one with us. Already a regular? Then you know you can buy our classes or IR sauna sessions in bulk or through one of our many membership options. Either way, the power is yours! (RIP Captain Planet). Visit the “Buy” tab to learn more

Buy Today, Use Another Day
On our platform, you don’t have to use your IR sauna session and Brrrn class on the same day. So if you want to work out one morning but use the IR Sauna the following evening, all you have to do is On our platform, you don’t have to use your IR sauna session and Brrrn class on the same day. So if you want to work out one morning but use the IR Sauna the following evening, all you have to do is at one time and the IR session at another time. (Insert overhead snap).

Be Cool and Arrive On Time
Sometimes a New York minute isn’t as quick as we’d like it to be. But to make this a pleasurable experience for eveyrone involved, we ask that you check into your class or infrared sauna session no later 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. As a courtesy, you have up to 5 minutes after the start time. No exceptions.

The Location
Our flagship studio is in Flatiron/Chelsea and our exact address is 107 W. 20th Street, NY, NY 10011. The closest trains are the 1 at 18th Street; the F,M at 23rd Street and all of the trains at Union Square. And for those of you who live or work in NJ, the 23rd Street PATH train is also nearby.

To Cancel or Not To Cancel
We get that things come up. That said, for all non-emergency related reasons, you have up to 12 hours before your scheduled class or infrared sauna session start time to cancel without penalty.


Check in. Socialize. And Have Fun.
Arrive early so you can check in, grab a water and socialize with your swolemate or a complete stranger. And most importantly, have an amazing workout. You deserve it!

Where to Change and The Locker Situation
Space is always tight in New York City. But don’t worry, we maximized every inch of our studio so you would have enough room for you to store your belongings. So whether it’s the lobby with our stash and dash” lockers or in our locker rooms, we got your stuff covered.

Showering You With Showers
We not only have showers but our Spa Showers save up to 65% of water, compared to a standard shower, thanks to Nebia. And if that wasn’t cool, wait to you see how many showers we have in each locker room (Three in the women’s, two in the men’s). And just when things couldn’t get any cooler, we decided to give your locks some love by stocking each shower with Orlando Pita’s shampoo and conditioner products. Lastly, we encourage everyone to extend that calorie burn by ending their showers on cold. Trust us, your mind and body will thank you for it.

H2Ohhh Saving the Environment
We don’t just sell any type of water. We carry GIVN Water. Every bottle of GIVN Water funds one day of clean water for a person in need. GIVN water is also sourced Upstate New York. How local is that!

Earn Your Heat
Looking to enjoy some warm conversation after class or on an off day? Well, I hope you’re infraready for New York’s only 8 seat, communal infrared sauna experience. Buy and book online in advance to guarantee your spot for your 40-minute session. For more info about the IR Sauna, click on our “IR Sauna” page.


Tell Others About Your Brrrn Experience
Did the experience give you goosebumps? Then we’d appreciate some love on social media. Or take it back to the old school and have a human conversation with someone. Either way, we appreciate you spreading the word!

Why do I get a runny nose in cooler temperatures?
Our noses act as natural humidifiers to the air we breathe in. Reason being, our lungs love warm, moist air instead of cold, dry air. When you inhale cooler, dry air, the moist tissue inside our noses will instinctively increase fluid production to ensure our sensitive lung tissue is delivered that moist, warm air. With a buildup of fluid, you get the runny nose because the excess tends to drip out.

This runny nose is not a sign you are getting sick.

Will I catch a cold being in the cold?
We never get sick of answering this question.

Cold doesn’t cause sickness. Germs do. Perhaps the one reason, however, we associate colds with colder weather is because colds are indeed more common in the winter months. And here are the two major reasons why:

Firstly, in winter months, we spend much more time indoors around other people than we do during the warmer months. As a consequence, this increases our chances of transmitting germs and viruses to one another.

Secondly, dry air creates the perfect condition for viruses to thrive and spread — especially in low humidity, where they can remain suspended in air. This dry air in turn acts as a double whammy because a lack of moisture in the air dries out our nasal passages and prevents us from wicking away these viruses from our bodies when we breathe them in. In our studio, which is set to a reinvigorating 50°F, we’ve designed our humidification range to support an ideal environment for health and exercise.

Case in point, stepping into cold air simply does not increase your chances of catching a cold.

To learn more, we recommend watching our Cool Facts Friday Episode “The Other Cold War” to learn more.

Why do my teeth chatter when I get cold?
Your teeth are chattering because you are shivering, which in a way, is the body’s first form of exercise. The scientific name for this is called shivering thermogensis, which is a process in which our body involuntarily shivers in order to make mechanical heat to stay warm.

Why do I get rosy cheeks in the cold?
If you’re not blushing because of our praise for you, this is probably happening for a more scientific reason. When exposed to cooler climates, the blood travels to your core to keep your internal organs nice and toasty at 98.6°F. During vasoconstriction, your cheeks will appear to have a redish color because of the dilation of blood vessels in your face.


We’ve thought long and hard about every nook and cranny to make sure we operate Brrrn in the most sustainable manner possible. This includes everything from our HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning), our use of water, our cleaning products, our showers and even where we sourced our wood (aka., from Brooklyn Reclaimed Lumbar yard in Bushwick).

Regarding our HVAC system, we found a team of engineers who were able to design a system that prioritized energy-efficiency. They considered everything from carbon footprint of the design, including ventilation, the condenser sizes, the number of units, peak load needed throughout the course of not just a day, but the seasons, and even the maintenance measures to ensure our cooling system operates in the most sustainable manner possible. We also go the extra distance by using our very own refrigerated cool studio itself as a cool energy source (think geothermal). To keep cool the common areas of Brrrn like the lobby, male and female identifying locker rooms, and hallway, instead of pulling air from the outside where the temperature fluctuates day to day and season to season, we source the air from the cool studio itself where it’s kept at a constant 50°F (again, like geothermal) and transfer it through energy recovery units (ERU’s). Way more efficient this way!

Our showers are all Nebia Showers which use water atomization for water conservation (65% less water) and all plumbing fixtures are low flow consumption.

All lighting in the club are LED or low wattage lamps, and the majority of the wood in at Brrrn is either reclaimed or sustainable.

In short, over the course of the year, we are placing a very close eye on energy efficiency strategies and we look forward to improving and thinking strategically about how we can make every aspect of our operations sustainable.